ArtsVision Performing and Visual Arts is a nonprofit child centered fine arts program, offering high quality performing and visual arts experiences to school aged youth and their families.

The Mission of ArtsVision Performing and Visual Arts is to provide Dallas area youth an intensive, innovative and well-rounded program that focuses on the arts for youth, while helping youth build self-esteem, confidence, and inspire youth to find their creative voice.

Vision and Goals:Statement of inclusivity: To provide youth of all ages, races, faiths, creeds, and socio-economic backgrounds, access to arts programs that are affordable, accessible, and enlightening. 

Value: An arts program where youth thrive while learning to use their voice to express themselves, to make an impact for social justice for their community through creativity.

Method of delivery: Artsvision provides programming through the utilization of in-person, online, and remote learning mediums of instruction, experiences, and activities.